Ukiyo in Indianapolis is one of the amazing restaurant gems that we have had the opportunity to work on and we were even luckier being able to enjoy some of their delectable sushi rolls!

Intrigued by the name–Ukiyo? So were we… so we looked it up!

Ukiyo translates into—the floating world. It is comprised of three Japanese characters; uki meaning “floating” or “cheerful” and yo meaning “world” or “generation”. The term came about in Japan during the 17th Century as the new economy prospered and grew. It is associated with a world of play and entertainment.

Ukiyo is not just a name, it is a well thought out idea that symbolizes the value in taking time away from our busy schedules and choosing to slow down and relax, enjoy one another’s company, and hey, if we are lucky maybe indulge in some Sashimi and Nigiri while we are at it.

“Ukiyo is a restaurant inspired by Japan and the world more closely around us. Ukiyo offers a full sushi & homemade ramen, as well as hot Japanese inspired specialty dishes, Tuesday through Saturday. We make every attempt to offer fish from sources that value sustainability as much as we do. We rely heavily on the farmers, foragers, artisans, and neighbors in our area.”

Learn more about Ukiyo and view their menu here.