Sammy Shaw loves his job and one has to admit that being manager of Tin Roof, Indy’s latest downtown restaurant and bar is a fun place to work. Sammy’s story is a “back home again in Indiana” one. He was a cross-country athlete at Carmel High School which took him to Belmont University 10 years ago. One of the first places he found while in Nashville Tennessee was a new place called Tin Roof – A Live Music Joint, as the tag line states. Sammy knew this place was different – “it just felt like home” with prints, photos, and posters displayed on the walls that seemed to invite people to sign them. Friendly people worked there and treated new customers immediately like regulars. It didn’t matter whether you spent $2 or $200, everyone was made to feel special. So when Sammy got the chance to run the new Tin Roof back in Indy, he knew it would be a good fit. Tin Roof management hired Sammy on the same criteria as the rest of the staff, based on his friendly nature not necessarily years of restaurant experience. “Every new place wants repeat customers, but the philosophy at Tin Roof really nails it” as Sammy points out. After being open only since June, they already had a good following of regular customers. The open seating concept and whole atmosphere is very laid-back. The food is great and the live music is phenomenal – a very different feel for a downtown Indy establishment. Located on the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania and Maryland, it’s perfect for Pacer fans, Colt fans, and convention center patrons. The patio seating is very popular which is open to both main streets, and the indoor bocce ball court is used every night. Sammy talks about the owners “laying the bricks for success” by creating this southern hospitality in a very urban setting. It feels like Bourbon Street when the band’s playing in the corner of the place – folks dancing in the streets as you can see these well-established performers from outdoors through the vast storefront. It’s always a party and almost always free – only rarely is there a cover charge for the entertainment.

Just like Tin Roof was a good fit for Sammy, Kort Builders was a good fit for Tin Roof. Kort’s calm but in-control approach reflects Tin Roof’s laid back demeanor and like Tin Roof, Kort also treats every client like a valuable customer, because they are!! Repeat business is our goal (80-90% of Kort customers are repeat or from referral) just like Tin Roof. And when Sammy talks about “laying the bricks to success” – well that even sounds like a building company slogan doesn’t it? Tin Roof representatives (and our friends from Shaub Construction from Nashville, TN) had nothing but good things to say about Kort and Kort really had fun building for Tin Roof!