From start to finish.

Kort Builders strives to be a strategic partner in the construction process, not just a contractor. We believe in a collaborative approach with the customer and architect to work as a team in setting and achieving goals for projects. Our company can perform either on behalf of our clients (agency construction management) and manage the process with the architect or perform as the construction manager and contractor (construction management at-risk) working with the team and responsible to our clients.

There are associated benefits with each approach and our company is proficient in all variations of construction management.

Depending on the resources an owner may have to dedicate to a project, construction management can offer many benefits such as:

  • Overall better coordination of projects due to early cooperation among the various principal parties;

  • Time compression of the design/construction process, frequently reducing overall project duration;

  • Cost savings due to value analyses;

  • Fewer disputes, claims and delays, all of which are reduced by the early establishment of cooperative relationships.

The construction management approach is another in a long line of project approaches that provide our clients with better service, allowing a win-win result for all involved.

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