Bob Kort and Kyle Allman

When you were five or six years old did you ever want to help your mom or dad around the house? Well, that was Kyle Allman. He always loved to play with things as a young boy growing up in the small town of Winamac, Indiana. Heck, he still loves to tinker with things today (don’t all men).

Since Kyle was a little kid, he always enjoyed tinkering with woodworking, metalworking and electronics. His dad had a woodshop and his grandfather was an auto mechanic, so there were plenty of opportunities for Kyle to get his hands into things, and to get dirty. When he was 8 years old he wanted to know how to use a lathe, and was already cutting the grass! He would ask his father if he could help him with every project he was working on, no matter how big—even if it was too big for Kyle to handle—when he really wasn’t helping as much as he thought he was. His father would always tell him, “Now, Kyle…a helper’s job is to help.” It was at that time that Kyle knew he wasn’t always helping out in a particular situation, and maybe causing more work than it was worth. Lucky for him, he always learned from those experiences—which is what has made him successful today.

“Now, Kyle…a helper’s job is to help.”

In 2010, as an intern IUPUI in the campus renovations office, Kyle met with Bob Kort as Bob was trying to sell Kyle on using Kort Builders on a project. Bob was so impressed with Kyle’s experience and knowledge, months later he contacted Kyle about working for Kort Builders as an estimator/project manager. So, it was fresh out of college when Bob hired Kyle…and he has never looked back. Bob said, “Hiring Kyle was like finding a diamond in the rough. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever come across…always willing to help with anything whenever needed. Kyle is a true asset to Kort Builders.”