SafetyPisa_IMG_3975Safety has always, and continues to be, a #1 priority at Kort Builders. This month, we decided to get the competitive juices flowing between our Superintendents by having a “Safety Pisa Contest.” Now, I bet you’re asking, what is a Pisa? Well, a Pisa is Kort Builders’ name for the safety bucket (see photo to the right) we have on each job site that contains essential on-site safety items such as, a first-aid kid, safety data sheets, construction plans and a fire extinguisher. It would be secured by a 4X4 post in concrete in a 5 gallon bucket, where most of the time the post always leaned in the bucket (which is why we named it a Pisa–after the Leaning Tower of Pisa, of course).

The current construct of the Pisa is time consuming to assemble, not easy to transport, and frankly is just “big and bulky.”  And, since we work with a bunch of engineers we knew there was a better solution.  So we came up with an internal contest on who could design more practical and functional designed Pisa.  The winner will be judged on design, look, function, practicality, and of course it has to hold all essential safety materials.

With the final deadline for entries in June, we did want to share with you an early entry—Tim Parsley’s design that replicates Kort Builders’ headquarters (we just might have to create a “best in show” category for this one).


Look for next month’s issue of From Center Kort where the winner will be announced.  So, stay tuned (and on the edge of your seat) to find out who the winner will be…