chameleonvideofinalFrom the time Jeff Gillespie started at Kort Builders, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t or wouldn’t do — he could transform from a handyman into a landscaper into a lead foreman—he is flexible and can do anything. The guys in the office call him the “chameleon” for that reason. He can and will do anything and everything he is asked to do.

Jeff didn’t start off as a lead foreman at Kort Builder. He was actually a handyman for Bob Kort doing odd jobs around the shop and around Bob’s house. When Bob hired Jeff he said, “You may not be doing construction, but I promise I can give you 40 hours a week,” and 15 years later Bob has never broken that promise.

Now a full-time lead foreman, Jeff sees his role as a “director” of the projects he supervises. He is in the trenches working everyday with venders and subcontractors that get the work done. Essentially, it is Jeff’s responsibility to make sure the Kort “quality standards” are in place and the job gets done right the first time — no exceptions. You see, Jeff was trained by other Kort project managers, operations managers and superintendents, so all he knows is the “Kort way” – there is no other way to get the job done.

The “Kort way” – no other way to get the job done.

In the 15 years Jeff has been with the company, he has seen a lot of positive changes and growth. Jeff has always been a quiet player in the growth of the company, but Bob has always appreciated his efforts and hard work. Bob said, “Jeff’s always been there for the guys in the office and in the field. We can always count on Jeff for anything. He is reliable, trustworthy and an integral part of our growth and success over the last 30 years.”