Summer allows us to stop and smell the roses! In Bob’s case a chance to STOP AND PET THE DUCKS—OR TRY!

DID YOU KNOW? Ducks face many challenges, which creates a strong urgency in adult ducks to lead their ducklings on a path of independence and survival quicker. There is a definite balance that must be met to increase the ducklings’ chances of survival. Hens provide 24-hour care—warmth, food, bonding, and migratory guidance during the most important first weeks of life and at the same time the mother duck must make sure that her own needs are met as they completely give all of their energy to mothering their ducklings.

One thing ducks and humans do have in common is our deep-rooted connection to our HOME. Humans tend to feel a strong bond with their home and ducks have this amazing ability to find their way back to their birth home from thousands of miles away—known as homing.

The Kort Builders team strives to not only work hard but we understand the importance of work / play balance. Strengthening family and friendships and building a close connection with our community contributes to our success at Kort Builders.

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Duck, Duck, Goose… Better luck next time Bob!