Kort Builders, an Indianapolis-based commercial general contractor, is proud of the projects we have completed. Our years of experience enable us to complete a wide array of projects within the retail industry.

Let’s celebrate the longest day of the year!

The longest day of the year is June 21, 2018 -- Summer Solstice! Scientists believe that Stonehenge, one of the greatest Wonders of the World, was built to highlight the summer/winter solstice and equinox. There are gatherings at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer and winter solstice even still today! As our lives seem to get [...]

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Take a Test Ride at E-Boom Bicycles

March is a celebration for everyone as the weather begins to shed its layers of snow, ice, and gray clouds. What better way to offer our gratitude for this coming of Spring season than with exploring the ever newly popular fascination with ELECTRIC BICYCLES! At one of our building projects, E-BOOM BICYCLES, located in Zionsville [...]

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Shining and Designing

This month we are proud to shed some light on a project that we’ve yet to highlight.  One of those projects is Shine Design Interiors located in downtown Fishers off of 116th Street.  The story behind this unique company is even that much brighter as it brought the dreams of three talented women to life!  [...]

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Kort Builders Gets Techy with Customer Service

Web-Based Construction Cameras for Fortune 100 Financial Services Organization Kort Builders is currently working on a 6,000 sqft retail project for a local Fortune 100 financial services organization who provides services in the academic, research, medical, cultural and government fields. As part of this project, the client elected to use the Oxblue™ construction cameras. The [...]

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H2H Salon

H2H is an Aveda salon located in Noblesville in the heart of Hamilton County at Hamilton Town Center. This project presented a fairly large challenge of having to work within a relatively small space while the client remained open for business. Overall, this project was a high-end elaborate build out with unique finishes and custom [...]

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Floors to Your Home

Floors to Your Home, a retail discount flooring store, came to Kort Builders because they wanted to expand north to an area with higher visibility. Over a year ago, KBI worked with them on feasibility and budgeting from the land procurement phase to completion of final construction. This new ground up project, which broke ground [...]

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Business Furniture Corporation

Since 1922, Business Furniture has promised its customers and challenged its employees to provide innovative results and creative workspace solutions with outstanding customer service. It’s why they’ve been in business for over 90 years and are expanding throughout the Midwest in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. For more than 10 years, Kort Builders and Business Furniture [...]

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Pet People

PetPeople, based out of Hilliard, OH, has also experienced incredible growth and was looking to expand their reach in the Midwest. In planning new retail locations for the Midwest region, PetPeople was looking for a local Indianapolis contractor to partner with to help them plan, design, and construct. They chose our team at Kort Builders [...]

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Scrubs & Beyond

Three years ago Kort Builders completed its first Scrubs & Beyond build out as a combined expansion and remodel. The company, based out of St. Louis, MO, was so impressed with Kort's work that we earned all of the company's work coast to coast. Kort handles their site surveys, architecture, MEP design, permitting and of [...]

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Hobby Town

Just prior to the holidays, our friends at Sitehawk Realty asked us to help on this quick turnaround project to get Hobby Lobby into their new space prior to the shopping season.  Thanks to a great team and hard work all around, we did it! 4850 E. Southport, Suite Q, Indianapolis, IN 46237 Contract Type: [...]

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