Kort Builders, an Indianapolis-based commercial general contractor, is proud of the projects we have completed. Our years of experience enable us to complete a wide array of projects in many industries.

Learning Made Fun with Duolingo!

Duolingo is the best new way to learn a language and it’s FREE!  Learn anywhere anytime on your iPhone or Android and have fun earning points with every correct answer as you race against the clock. Duolingo is also highly recommended by teachers as the newest, most engaging, and most effective language App out there [...]

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Sit back and let Expensify do the work!

Here's Bob's Top 3 Expensify's: Effortlessly scan and manage receipts Easily submit receipts to his finance team Super simple expense tagging, grouping and reporting We salute David Barrett for his determination in creating a program that allows users to manage expenses, scan receipts, and simplifies the reporting! If you think expense reports suck too, use [...]

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Meet PayPal’s Venmo

If you’ve not heard of this app…your world is about to change!  This is one of Bob’s favorite mobile apps and for good reason.  Venmo free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends.  The company was founded by Andrew Kortina and Igram Magdon-Ismail.  While helping a friend open a yogurt shop, [...]

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Date Night Perhaps?! Check out this app to make a night out easier!

a vision to help make planning and finding delectable dining simpler With the Open Table app you can make reservations from anywhere! The Open Table app allows you to manage your reservations--cancelling or changing the time to an existing reservation within seconds! You can also use Open Table to find new restaurants!  The company is [...]

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Grant Street Station

Grant Street Station Apartments provide on campus furnished apartments located at corner of South Grant Street and Harrison Street, West Lafayette, Indiana. Apartments are located on floors 2-6, and the 1st floor has a common area with car parking both sides.  There is also a basement level that furnishes car parking. Project Description: The project entailed constructing [...]

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Phi Kappa Psi Certificate of Occupancy received!

The 14-month demolition and rebuild of the new Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington is coming to an end. Despite a 45-day loss of construction time this past winter, Kort Builders was able to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy for the 26,000 sqft house for Move-In Day on August [...]

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Phi Kappa Psi – Indiana University

On June 12, 2013, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house was one of three Bloomington buildings used to conduct search and extraction training called United Front II. This demolition marked the beginning of a 14 month rebuild of the new fraternity house on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington. This current project, expected to be [...]

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Mass Avenue Animal Clinic, Fall 2012

Kort Builders completed the new 1650 square foot Mass Ave Animal Clinic in downtown Indianapolis this Fall.  The Mass Ave Animal Clinic is dedicated to helping strengthen the human/pet bond for the life of our four-legged friends by giving you the tools and knowledge needed to do so.  Please call Dr. Phillips or Dr. Glore [...]

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Started and Completed Kort Projects – May, 2011

Thank you to our clients and contractors who help us to accomplish these projects and work hard to complete them with 100% satisfaction! Kort Builders started construction of an exterior addition for Indiana Univ. / Purdue Univ. at Indianapolis – Eskinazi Hall. Kort Builders announces the completion of a 3120 square foot medical space for [...]

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New Site and eNewsletter Archive

Welcome to our new web site and Recent News section, News From Center "Kort", where we'll be filling you in on recent projects, special offers, fun facts about the Kort family and other general news! Every quarter we will send out an email newsletter to clients, vendors, and friends. Each issue of News from Center [...]

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