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Kort Builders, an Indianapolis-based commercial general contractor, is proud of the projects we have completed. Our years of experience enable us to complete a wide array of projects within the healthcare industry.

Benedict Orthodontics

Doctor Brian Benedict, a well-known Fishers Orthodontist at 116th Street and Olio Road, wanted to remodel his existing office to give it a new look and feel. (This also happens to be the same "Good Doctor" that the Kort children get their orthodontia done.) We approached Dr. Benedict and offered to assist him with the [...]

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H2H Salon

H2H is an Aveda salon located in Noblesville in the heart of Hamilton County at Hamilton Town Center.This project presented a fairly large challenge of having to work within a relatively small space while the client remained open for busines. Overall, this project was a high-end elaborate build out with unique finishes and custom built [...]

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Ossip Optometry, Zionsville

Our team has built or constructed more than 30 projects for Ossip over the last 10 years throughout Central Indiana. However, this store had a new set of challenges. Ossip came to us with an idea to move from a rented space to a new location across the street. This new location involved constructing a [...]

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Massage Envy Spa

Kort Builders has had a long relationship with the Keene Family and Massage Envy Spa and has constructed the majority of the locations throughout Indiana. In fact, this was our fifth build-out for Sherry and Bruce Keene! We highly value our long-term professional relationship and take pride in the trust they put in us to [...]

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Massage Envy – Plainfield, Indiana

Kort Builders completed a 2,500-square-foot space for Massage Envy, the pioneer and national leader of affordable massage and spa services. Kort Builders is proud to be their preferred builder in creating spaces that promote a healthy lifestyle. 2683 E. Main Street, Ste. 111 Plainfield, IN 46168 317-839-6000

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Massage Envy – Keystone at the Crossing, Indianapolis

Kort Builders completed the 3800-square-foot Massage Envy Spa at Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis. Massage Envy offers therapeutic and stress relieving benefits through massage therapy. Kort Builders has had a long relationship with Massage Envy and has constructed virtually every location in central Indiana. Stop by David and Cynthia Glessner’s newest location, relax, and [...]

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Midwest Fertility Specialists, Fall 2012

Kort Builders completed an 800-square-foot remodel of the offices at Midwest Fertility Specialists. This is one of several locations they have in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. Midwest Fertility Specialists are a trusted source for both men and women in reproductive care. Kort constructed this project in a way that the privacy and sensitivity of [...]

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