Bob loves his apps! Especially those that make him more productive AND are fun to use! We decided it would be fun AND we could help spread the productivity bug if we shared his favs with all of you. Tune in over the next few months as we share more of his favorites. In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite apps with us too!


Utilize military grade encryption to safely store your bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords on your personal device.   Never be at a loss for your login info again with eWallet.

Key Ring

Always searching for your membership, loyalty, or library card? Not with the Key Ring app.  Store weekly ads, coupons, shopping lists, loyalty and membership cards right on your phone.


Frustrated at the gym or your local watering hole because you can see what you want to watch but not hear it?  Listen to any live TV through your phone by simply scanning the TV.