We are not the only culture to take pride in the long tradition of birthday celebrations! Here in the United States there are many ways we celebrate the people we care about on their birthday, such as; birthday cakes, songs, parties, gifts, and simply spending time together. People around the world receive special attention on their birthdays in many different and unique ways as well. Life is something to treasure and our uniqueness is too!

How would Bob be celebrated? Here are a few interesting birthday traditions that are practiced in other parts of our world!

  • Canadians sometimes surprise their fellow birthday pals by greasing their noses! This was done superstitiously to ward off bad luck.
  • In China some practice the art of LONG noodle slurping which is to symbolize longevity. The longer the noodle slurped before biting the longer one’s life expectancy is said to be!
  • In Vietnam everyone celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day which is known as “tet”. The day one is born is not usually acknowledged but instead collectively Vietnamese people practice “tet” as the time when everyone becomes another year older.
  • In Holland milestone birthdays are known as “Crown Years”. Holland’s Crown Years are Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty, and Twenty-one. On these particular milestone birthdays, the Dutch receive big gifts and are often treated with lemonade and hot chocolate.

Here is to one more year Bob… Happy Fiftieth Birthday!